Striking Balance

Attorneys are only needed when something important looms large. For better or worse, attorneys are required to guide you through complicated proceedings, document filings and nauseating legalese. You deserve an attorney that understands that you’re not an attorney. You deserve Christopher J. Tyrpak, Attorney at Law.

Chris Tyrpak Law

Christopher Tyrpak understands that his clients are often in the midst of stressful situations. Whether it’s seemingly troublesome such as filing for bankruptcy or as exhilarating as purchasing your first home, Chris Tyrpak is committed to helping fellow hard-working citizens of Buffalo with their legal needs. He walks you through it all step by step, minimizing surprises and maximizing results.

How is this done? Chris Tyrpak is accessible. He’s reliable. And above all else, he’s affordable. Mr. Tyrpak treats every attorney-client relationship as a partnership between two human beings working toward the same goal: Your future.

Practicing the Right Way

Real Estate

Christopher J. Tyrpak represents you at closings, ensures that realtor contracts are vetted and examines real estate documents to put you at ease.

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Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy marks the beginning of a new chapter for you or your business. Let Christopher J. Tyrpak represent your financial interests.

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Wills & Estates

Christopher J. Tyrpak drafts living wills, handles probates matters and works closely to identify your specific requirements for wills and estates.

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